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here we compiled many of the fonts, codes and other fun things that we use for most of our creations, and which you can use for yours~!

for text text with border 1 text with border 2 webkit text stroke gradient text floating text marquee text bubble text color changing flicker text pop text wobbly text curved text rubberband text bouncy 1 bouncy 2 news ticker with pixel website button with blinking cursor glitch text text w image as the bg

for imgs pastel pink lace hot pink lace pink ribbon border png blur shadow basic lace border brown hearts lace gigi's gold frame hearts mask hello kitty mask star mask paper mask blurred border bouncing flip heart slideshow spin img twitch img floating img rotate and saturate on hover rotate and blur on hover glitch img

scrollboxes simple border double border no border expand on hover title text disappears when scrollbox expands dashed border colored bg gradient bg img/gif bg uneven border img hover to reveal scrollbox scrollbox with mark two fonts in a scrollbox lace border brown lace border

misc hidden scrollbar colored scrollbar gradient scrollbar jake's blur menus gina crd co menu simple drop down menu cbox website pet webneko counter 1 counter 2 cute cursors old web scrollbar typing tab title marquee tab title message alert when page opens disable left click + alert click sound effect box shake menu thing


all codes work on pro standard and pro plus! pls cr the creators if needed!

custom fonts!

these fonts are free to use and are available for both pro standard and pro plus! to insert custom fonts in carrd, refer to the tut in scroll for more fonts!


glenthemes music players can be found here under music players however they no longer work with dropbox links.

follow this tut on how to get audio links through other platforms! i recommend the discord method :)


feel free to direct your questions here, or just chat with us if you feel like it~

pls attach your code or links when asking coding related questions!

the adms!

click on the images to view each of our info!!

hi im uka or nera, i use any prns except they, and im the creator and owner of this resource carrd 💕 — some of you may know me as an admin on other carrd help accs on twitter~ ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა


you can find the rest of my portfolio in my crd comms, and if interested please consider commissioning me! (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ)

hai i’m mika or giselle; please refer to me with she neos prns 🤍 and im the co-owner of this crd!! (⌒▽⌒) some of you may recognize me as an admin of some carrd help accs on twitter, from my whi, or as the creator~


about me!

my links:

crdbear crdfleur
insta whi

1. open your playlist or track on spotify on desktop (does not work on mobile)

2. click on the three horizontal dots found beside the download button and hover on "share"

1. click on "embed playlist"

4. customize or edit your color or sizing in the preview menu

5. check the box where it says "show code" and copy your embed!

6. paste your code into an inline embed in carrd and you're done! result:

for a spotify track click on the three horizontal dots beside your selected track, hover on "share" and click "embed track" and all the steps are pretty much the same as you would a playlist!


click on the imgs to enlarge! if imgs dont load try refreshing your tab

1. paste this code into an embed:

a:hover {
webkit-filter: blur(1px);
filter: blur(1px);

if you want to blur all links then keep the "a" and if you want to blur all image links change the "a" to "img"

if you want only a certain element to blur on hover, add your element id before a:hover

blur on

click on the imgs to enlarge! if imgs dont load try refreshing your tab

1. select whatever cursor you want from cursors4u and copy the universal css/html code

2. remove everything that comes after </style> and you're done!

remove cursor

click on the imgs to enlarge! if imgs dont load try refreshing your tab